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Welcome to! A Site All about the 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle , and 1971 Chevelle Malibu!

Alternative Energy!

01-18/2011 - Wow been a while since I updated this page! Working on some new addition and a new site facelift for this site. Hopefully this site will be alot better and helpful to you 71 chevellers' ou there. Been working on many sites, and if you guys are into alternative energy and solar panels / wind generators check out my alternative energy site.--->

New Swap Meet Database on its way!

08/13/08 - Putting together a new swap meet database! You will be able to add swap meet dates dynamically instead of waiting for me to post them. So stay tuned and we will have the new one up in the next few days!

New Wallpaper!

12/29/07 - Leslie from Maryland, US sent us a beautiful picture of there 71 chevelle SS. What a beautiful Car!! Thanks Leslie! See them on the 1971 Chevelle Wallpaper Page ! .

Swap Meet Listing Updated /Also a new Wallpaper Entry!

03/06/07 - Updated the 71 chevelle Swap Meet Listing, and the Wallpaper pages- Swap Meet Page , Wallpaper Page.

69 Chevelle Project!

11/21/06 - Found a guy on team chevelles website that was doing some stiffening on his frame that I thought was pretty neat. They had stiffened it by the shaft with an x shaped member. Check out the photos from the shop that is doing the restore --->

Forum Is Now Offically open For Business!!!!!!!

10/11/06 - Forum is Ready!, Hope the forum is to your liking. I tried to make it as simple as possible and have good categories, and forums. I tried to incorparate what other forums had together to make one great forum. All years of chevelle, elcamino, and Heavy Chevy Welcome. Let me know what you think in the forum Suggestions & Comments thread at the top. Without Further Ado ---- >> Forums!!!

Later Today Forum will Open!

10/11/06 - Almost have the forum ready to go, I will open it later today! Check back later!

John's Muscle Cars!

10/10/06 - Was reading some old posts over at teamchevelle and found one that might help one or two of you out. The post read John's Muscle cars!. This is a Musclecar Salvage yard 60 miles due south of Lincoln, Nebraska. The post said that this guy had 400 chevelles and Elky's. His information is as follows: John's Muscle Cars 402-674-3147 . I looked him up in Google and found this info:John Watts (402) 674-3147 3638 E Willow Rd,Wymore, NE 68466 . If anyone contacts him for parts or anything please email me and let me know the details, I think this would be alot of help for our members! Forgot to mention the Team chevelle members user name was Restoring70Malibu .

Postponing the showcase till next week.

10/09/06 - Getting the forum ready to go and I am a little behind, so I am going to postpone the start of our weekly showcase until next week. I will anounce here later this week when the forum is up and ready to go! Check back soon!.

Doing Maintenance to the Wesite!

10/06/06 - Doing some server related updateds and changes hopefully you won't notice any issues but you never know, cross your fingers! Also thank you for your patience if you experience any outages!

Stephen King's Christine up for Auction on Ebay!

10/05/06 - Was looking around ebay last night and came upon this auction selling the #14 1958 Plymouth Fury from the Movie "Christine". The 1958 Plymouth Fury has fully documented history to prove its authenticity. --> Christine Ebay Auction. or click the ebay banner to the right--> and go to ebay motors and search for christine.

New Car Show listings!

10/03/06 - Added some more car show listings. --> Car show List

Wow October Already!

10/02/06 - Been trying to update the site as often as I can to get some users for a forum. Since updating the site I was doing good in googles searches until monday! My site was number one under the search 71 chevelle but now since I started updating the site I dropped down to #22. WTF!!! Well No matter I am going to still keep updating and plugging along. I am very appreciative of all of the emails and information you all are sending me. Thanks for visiting my chevelle site and bear with me cause I will update and add new content as much as I can. Thanks Again!

10/02/06 - Also wanted to add today that instead of having the google videos load up on the main page I am moving them all to there own page. This will make loading of the main page for our 56k users. See the Video Page here --> Chevelle Video Page.

More New Wallpaper!

09/28/06 - Doug sent us some more pics of his car and his son Matt's car for some sweet wallpaper, thanks Doug! See it below.

Pimp My Ride Video! - *Dial up users beware*

09/27/06 - Thought I would post this "Pimp My Ride"Video I came across on Google video yesterday! 1968 Chevy Chevelle gets pimped!

See it here --> Pimp My Ride Video - 1968 chevelle

New Wallpaper!

09/26/06 - Doug's 71 SS Wallpaper! Also more to come..

Car Show Listings!

09/26/06 - Check out the New Car Show listing page. Know of one in your area be sure to submit it. Car Show Listings!

09/26/06 - Added a New Swap Meet listing for NE GeorgiaNew Swap Meet Listing

Swap Meet Listing! / Measurements, Weights, Capacities

09/25/06 - Check out the new page including, the original estimated Dimensions, Weights, and Capacities of the Chevelle. Measurements Capacites

09/25/06 - Created a new form to Submit Swap Meet lisings! Submit Form

09/25/06 - Also added a Add to favorites button above, So that you can add our website to your bookmarks!

09/25/06 - Updated the Swap meet listing with a Swap meet in Ohio!

Chevrolet Chevelle Desktop Wallpaper!

09/22/06 - Added the Desktop Wallpaper page, If you would like to submit a wallpaper please Email me. Also we accept any year chevelle, elcamino, heavy chevy, malibu, ect..

09/22/06 - Added a Swap Meet listing for Boone County Fairgrounds in Columbia, Missouri.

09/22/06 - Will be adding a Chevelle Desktop Wallpaper page later today!

Swap Meet Listings!

09/21/06 - Updated the Swap Meet listing page with a meet in Altamont, Illinois.

09/19/06 - Added a Swap Meet listings page. Do you know of a Swap Meet or are you having one? Email us!, and we will add it to the list (any locations welcome). In the mean time check it out. --> Swap Meet Listings

Long Weekend!

09/18/06 - Had a long weekend this week and didn't get much done, I have a ton of emails with chevelle pictures and information for me to update the site. Check back later tonight/tommorow for an update. thanks!

What Forum Format Do you Like!

09/15/06 - Wanting to add a Forum to our 1971 chevelle website, and I am not sure what format everyone would like. So I am putting up this survey to find out. There are 3 types I am looking at, click on the word for an example: Vbulletin, PHPBB, Boards2Go then take the survey thanks!. Please take the survey here ----> Forum Survey.

Trade Links With Us!

09/13/06 - Added a submission form to submit your website URL to get added to our website. see it here ----> Trade Links.

Decode Your 1971 Chevelle VIN #

09/11/06 - Added the Decode Your 1971 Chevelle VIN# page, check it out. --> Decode Your 1971 Chevelle VIN #

09/11/06 - Later today I will be adding an article about decoding your 1971 chevrolet chevelle VIN #, check back for the update.

Winterize Your Musclecar / Chevelle

09/07/06 - Added the Winterize Article as stated in the below post. see it here --> Winterize Your Muscle car.

09/07/06 - Winter will be approaching before we all know it, thought I would put a little page together and tell you all a few tips on how to winterize your chevelle or muscle car. Added a Tips/Tricks section to the page were it will be displayed. I will have the button and page up later today!! Stay Tuned !!

09/05/06 - Got some more info together this weekend, and will be updating a little more everyday. Meanwhile check out this 1 of 72, 1972 chevelle SS454 on ebay.------>>>>>>>>>>>> 1972 chevelle

08/29/06 - Was doing so more research on the net and found these cool videos on the "You Tube". Searched for chevy chevelle and returned with these results, check them out ---->>>>>>>You Tube Videos of Chevrolet Chevelles!!!
Also meanwhile Please bear with us during our reconstruction and check back soon we will be changing daily !!!!

08/28/06 - Started Contemplating today and I am going to start updating this website daily with new posts and Also go and turn this website not only into my chevelle makeover website, I am also going to turn this website into the #1 1971 chevelle destination. I am planning on adding a forum, build sheet codes, trim tag decryption, and lots lots more. Please check back often because its going to start happening fast. thanks for taking a look see.... -dave

11/30/05 - Added a new link to the chevelle links page. Check out this "is a web site where automobile enthusiasts may buy, sell, research, and discuss anything and everything related to automobiles."* Also they will provide you with up to 25MB of webspace for you to build an automotive website. Check them out!!

10/10/05 - Man summer has flown by and not much done on the chevelle. Reason: Me and my wife just purchased a new house and have had nothing but trouble since we moved in. We are in the midst of gutting our kitchen and giving it a redo. Next spring should be the start of the garage(aka: chevelle house), but don't tell the wife. Welp sorry for not to many updates but it will get better in the next coming year. I am getting the fever!!!!

04/29/05 - Getting about summertime, getting ready to start some work on the old chevelle!! Going to be doing a lot of work this summer on the engine, heck basically the whole car. Stay Tuned for some serious updates!! David

Oh! Also here is some pics of what is ahead of me!! HAHA!!! I got a lot of work !!


02/24/05 - Haven't had much time to update and what not, too much school and all. Hopefully I can get back on this half swing by summer! I will try to get some full pics of the car in its current state up soon, but don't hold your breath! To update you all I am currently saving some cash for a house and have alot of money tyed up with bussiness, so progress will be slow for now. I will try to keep you guys updated as frequent as possible. Thanks again for visiting and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

11/24/04 -Well been saving some cash for some chevelle parts and am not able to do much with the chevelle. Hopefully soon I will have a garage to put this dude in of my own. Have a great turkey day!! GOBBLE GOBBLE!!

09/14/04 - Haven't stuck up the pics of the yenko supercar show yet, just caught the end of the show while all the cars were leaving out the back of the Gateway Center. I also still have to put up some pics of the VFW collinsville show up to yet. New Link to the lemp beer site below!! If you havent tried their new/old taste you need to, great beer!!-->Lemp Beer<--



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